Fast and Responsive Emergency Tree Damage Service

If your area is vulnerable to fierce storms, you must be familiar with the damages that can be caused by broken limbs or fallen trees. The storm damaged trees can be potentially dangerous to remove or trim. Kirchner Tree Service is your go-to tree care services specialist in Howard and Baltimore Counties in the hour of any tree emergency. Our around the clock services include helping you get your area cleared of any fallen limbs and trees in a completely safe manner. We will also inspect other trees for their strength to eliminate the risk of further damage to your property!

Specialist In Tree Care Services

Tree Removal
We all love trees! But sometimes removing a tree is the only option. When the tree is dying or diseased, or it has become an obstruction that can’t be corrected through pruning, removal is inevitable. In such a scenario, you can trust our seasoned arborists to help you make the right decision!

Tree Trimming
Trees and shrubs need to be pruned the right way to maintain or improve their health, safety, and appearance. With the right pruning tools and equipment and regular service, Kirchner Tree Service keeps your trees in beautiful shape all seasons!

Stump Grinding
Do you want to eliminate unsightly stumps that are ruining the beauty of your landscape? Stump grinding is a time efficient and economical solution for stumps of any type, size, and age. We utilize maneuverable grinding equipment that removes the look of the protruding stumps easily and entirely!